Paper Guidelines



Abstracts should  have the title of the paper, name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s), and keywords (3-6 keywords). The abstract including the keywords and affiliations should not exceed a half page.


Sample paper should contain the following sections :

  1. Abstract: One page with all affiliations and keywords
  2. Introduction: Introduce study concept, major theoretical and empirical gap and contribution by this study, importance and implications for practice.
  3. Literature Review: A thorough synthesis of the past and current literature backing the study hypotheses and leading towards propositions.
  4. Methodology:  Clear and concise elaboration of the method applied and the steps taken to ensure the reliability and validity of used methodology. Explain the sample and target population with justifications.
  5. Results: Clear and comprehensive presentation of results in view of proposed hypotheses.
  6. Discussion & Conclusion:  Discuss the strengths and contribution of research to theory and practice. Limitations and future research directions with conclusion.
  7. Acknowledgements (when appropriate)
  8. Appendices (when appropriate)
  9. *No more than 6000 words or Less than 15 page


Full paper will be reviewed within 2 weeks after submission.