ELC 2013

Educational Linguistics Conference 2013
Tanggal Kegiatan/Date: 
May 10 -11 2013
Faculty Languages and Arts, Yogyakarta State University


The success of English language teaching and learning in Indonesia depends heavily on how the interconnection of the four determining factors: theories, research, policies and practices of English language education on the grounds that those factors are inextricably linked to one another.

With regard to the policy, the Indonesian government via the Ministry of  Education and Culture has been currently advocating the 2013 curriculum which is potential to create some problems on the part of some related parties which include English lecturers, teachers, practitioners, students, policy makers, and others.

To figure out the problems, it would be most thoughtful for all involved to sit together, share ideas and experiences with knowledgeable and distinguished speakers, decide the mainstream, and then implement the curriculum the way it is expected.  In reference to this, the first ELC held by EESP is targeted to primarily trigger every party to be actively involved in making the English language teaching and learning successful under the issue of the educational linguistics. Added to this, it facilitates conference participants to capture the essence of the 2013 curriculum.

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