ISPE 2013

Nowadays, primary education, especially in this new era, has become one of educators' main interest. They are concerned with some current issues of education in the primary level, such as: policy on primary education, curriculum development in primary education, joyful and meaningful learning for children, character building in the early ages, challenges and opportunities in primary education. Some possible and appropriate solutions by empowering primary education comprehensively for a brighter generation need to be implemented since there are fast changes in human life especially in this current decade. There are several issues concerning younger generation, such as moral degradation and violence. A comprehensive study related to various efforts in handling some perspectives of primary education is therefore required. OBJECTIVES The objectives of this seminar are: 1. to provide appropriate, comprehensive, and concrete ideas for the solutions of primary education issues from various perspectives, and 2. to provide recommendation in solving and developing educational agenda sustainable for a brighter generation PARTICIPANTS Everyone is highly encouraged to actively participate in the seminar 1. Educators, experts, researchers, observers, analysts, practitioners of primary education 2. Others who are concerned with primary education. 3. Education practitioners, and 4. Others who are concerned with education in general