Regional Seminar: Enhancing Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Regional Seminar: Enhancing Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions: towards the ASEAN Free Trade Policy 2015
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014
Main Convention Room, Yogyakarta State University


ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) has been agreed by countries in Southeast Asia to forge a free trade economic area with a mutual goal enhancing financial and other economic activities between them and specially to boost their competitiveness in the international market. AFTA has agreed to commence effectively since 1 January 2015. As a significant player in the ASEAN and the most populous one, Indonesia is a big market place for flowing goods and skilled-manpower from other ASEAN countries, which eventually increases the competitive levels in various economic activities of the country. The future development has necessarily demanded more qualified manpower particularly trained in higher education institutions in order to have basic skills and capacities to fill up the more competitive job markets. In Indonesia, the challenges have been currently anticipated with the Act No.12 Year 2012 focusing on the major improvement of the quality assurance of higher education institutions across the country.

The seminar aims to explore and elaborate the current policies and practices of higher education quality assurance adopted and perpetuated by universities across ASEAN countries. Participants are expected to learn best practices and develop internationally standardised models of higher education institutions in the regions. The seminar also intends to socialise the proposed nationally standardized quality assurance on higher education institutions in Indonesia, which will be commenced soon.

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