Prof TAN Oon Seng, Ph.D.
National Institute of Education, Singapore

Prof Tan received his BSc and MEd from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and his PhD from Nanyang Technological University. He attended the Stanford-NUS Management Development Program in 1998 and the Harvard Management Development Program in 2004. Prof Tan's areas of research include teacher education, cognitive psychology and problem-based learning (PBL) for which he is known internationally. He is the main co-author of Educational Psychology: A Researcher-Practitioner Approach (Asian Edition), a worldwide university textbook and reference published by Thomson Learning which has been translated into Chinese 教育心理学:实践者-研究者之路(亚洲版) by the Shanghai People's Publishing House (上海人民出版社). He is the author of Problem-based Learning Innovation: Using Problems to Power Learning in the 21st Century. He is also editor of the international collections entitled Enhancing Thinking through Problem-based Learning, Problem-based Learning in E-learning Breakthroughs, Problem-based Learning and Creativity. His other popular publications include Enhancing Cognitive Functions: Applications Across Context (with Seng), Cognitive Modifiability in Learning and Assessment: International perspectives (with Seng) and What West Can Learn from East: Asian Perspective on Psychology & Motivation (with McInerney, Liem & Tan). Prof Tan’s recent books include Teacher Education Frontiers: International Perspectives on Policy and Practice for Building New Teacher Competencies and Teacher Effectiveness: Capacity Building in a Complex Era (with Liu).


Prof. Libing Wang
UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok, Thailand

Mr. Libing Wang is currently Chief of Section for Educational Innovations and Skills Development (EISD) and Senior Programme Specialist in Higher Education, based at UNESCO Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok, Thailand. His areas of responsibility with UNESCO cover higher education, teacher education, ICT in education, TVET, ESD, and research and foresight in Asia and the Pacific region. Prior to joining UNESCO, he was a Professor of Comparative Education at Zhejiang University, People’s Republic of China. His career in China was closely related to UNESCO as he had served as director of UNESCO-APEID Associated Centre at Zhejiang University for more than ten years. He was secretary of the Global University Network for Innovation: Asia and the Pacific (GUNI-AP) from 2002 to 2012, and had coordinated the operation of the regional network since its inception in 2002. He was a member of the Asia - Pacific regional follow-up committee to the 1998 World Conference on Higher Education and a long-time consultant to the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO. Mr. Wang got his doctoral degree in Comparative Education in 1994 at Hangzhou University, People’s Republic of China. He was a visiting fellow at the University of Sussex and University of Warwick in the United Kingdom in the early and late 1990s. He published widely in the areas of comparative education, higher education policies, and teacher education.


Dr. Sugito, MA.
Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia

Dr. Sugito, MA received his Bachelor degree from the IKIP Yogyakarta in 1984,  Master degree in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Iowa in 1985, and his Doctor from UPI Bandung in 2008. Dr. Sugito’'s areas of research is on teacher education, teacher professionalism development, and curriculum and instruction.


Prof. Madya. Dr. Ruslin Amir
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia

He received his Bachelor (Guidance and Counseling) from UPM Malaysia in 1985, Master Degree in Educational Psychology from UKM Malaysia in 1996, Doctoral degree in Educational Psychology from UKM Malaysia in 2007. He is the head of Modul Psikologi Pendidikan UKM. His areas of research and courses are on educational psicology, diverse learners, advance teaching and learning, thinking skills, counseling, and sains education.

Ashish Dutt

Mr Ashish Dutt
Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Himalaya, India

Mr Ashish Dutt is a senior researcher with the Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Himalaya, India. He is currently finishing the Ph.D. program with the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya. He is also a Data Analyst with over a decade experience in education and IT related domains. His research interest includes educational data mining, educational  information systems, and DMKDD. He has published many scientific articles to ISI and Scopus indexed journal. He has also acted as a reviewer for many international reputable journals.


Prof. Dr. Siti Eshah Mokshein
Faculty of Human Development, Sultan Idris Education University, Perak Malaysia

Dean, Faculty of Education and Human Development, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia.