Proposals for oral presentations and posters cover but not limited to the following theme and sub-themes:

Theme: English Linguistics, Literature, and Language Teaching in Changing Era

A. Linguistics:

  • Psycholinguistic and cognitive explorations
  • Sociolinguistics, language variation and applied linguistics
  • Discourse, corpora and literary analysis
  • Theoretical corpus linguistics
  • Multimodal Discourse Analysis and Linguistics
  • Contrastive Linguistics
  • Lexicography and Lexicology
  • Rhetoric and Stylistics

B. English Language Teaching:

  • Innovation in Language Teaching and Learning
  • Computer Assisted Language Teaching
  • Robot Assisted Language Learning
  • Foreign Language Teaching and Teacher Development
  • Teacher Evaluation, Training and Development
  • Learning Strategies and Learner Autonomy
  • Language and Education in Multilingual Settings
  • Language Policy Evaluation
  • Assessment and Testing: Testing language skills and sub-skills
  • Discourse and Multimodality in Text
  • Education Technology and Language Learning
  • Best Practices in Language Teaching
  • Contextual Curriculum for Language Teaching

C. Literature:

  • The challenge of literary education in the disruptive era
  • The opportunity of literature and literary education in the disruptive technology
  • The role of literature in the disruptive era
  • The role of literature in establishing literacy in the disruptive era
  • Disruptive era and redefinition of literature and literary education
  • Literature, reading and literacy in the disruptive era
  • Digital literacy and the role of literature

Speakers are expected to submit an abstract through our abstract submission system. Proposals will be blind-reviewed by two members of the editorial board for both scope and quality.

We do hope that this conference will be a place to share perspectives, ideas, and research findings from a wide-range of educational contexts. We also believe your attendance in the seminar promotes and strengthens friendships and partnerships among English teachers from all around the world and hope they will go beyond your participation in the conference to build a better network, understanding and appreciation of our profession from an international stance.

Looking forward to seeing you in Yogyakarta 27-28 September 2018!