Gallery 2016

Theme: "Ethics of Business, Economics, and Social Science to Deal With Global Risk"

Date: Saturday, September 16th 2016

Opening Ceremony

Participant:  200 Students, Lecturers, and practitioners

Proceeding: 47 papers (pdf)

Speakers (Video):


Taiwan Research Agenda: Ethics, Role, and Academic-Business-Government Integration (pdf)


Chih-Cheng ChaoProfessor

  • Senior advisor of the International Business Center in ITRI Taiwan
  • Education: University of Montreal
  • Research Interest: Environmental Engineering, Waste Management, Sustainability, Sustainable Development, Environmental Awareness, Environmental Policy Science, Chemical Engineering, Life Cycle Assessment, Climate Change, Wastewater Treatment, Biofuels Research, Renewable Energy, Chemistry Engineering, Environmental Science, Energy, Multidisciplinary Research, Resource Management, Circular Economy, Resource Circulation, Eco-Industrial Development, Value-Added Recycling, Zero Waste, Risk Management.

Resourches Integration on African Science and Technology Development

Richard Chinomona, Professor


  • School of Economic and Business Sciences University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg Area, South Africa
  • Education: (Taiwan) National Central University, Ph.D 
  • Research Interests: Marketing Management 

Islamic Highest Objectives and Sustainable Development

Aly Abdel Moneim, B.Sc., Dip., MSI, Dr.

  • Lecturer at Postgraduate Program,  Indonesia Islamic University,  Yogyakarta
  • Al-Maqasid Institute, Indonesia Coordinator
  • Education: Political Sciences at Cairo University, Egypt, and Islamic studies at Indonesian Islamic University, Indonesia
  • Research Interests: Sustainable Development Policies from Islamic Maqasidi (High Objectives)  Perspective




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