Welcome to the Conference

Currently the implementation of many educational practices are product-oriented to enable learners to acquire certain skills or understand the learning materials. If analyzed on the basis of input-process-output system, those practices pay less attention to the aspect of process. It can be quite reasonable as the output of education is something easly observed and measured. These are reflected in many educational policies, teaching methods as well as evaluations of learning output which are directed to produce output with certain qualifications. Due to this fact, in carrying out their duties teachers are encouraged to produce learners with certain competences as the output.

The learning process at school and in universities finally becomes a static process which impedes the learners, curiosity, self confidence, creativity, and critical thingking. As a result, the educational practices tend to produce individuals who are not sensitive about and unable to respond to the social changes occuring in their own society. This challenges all of us to the restructuring of education to maximally improve the role of education in preparing individuals to face the social changes at present and in the future.

This conference provides the opportunity for teachers/leacturers, educational practitioners, university students, and stakeholders as well to share knowledge, experiences, and research findings relevant to develop the educational practices which do not only focus on the product, but also the process.

The conference which is aimed at developing the educational sciences and policies, innovations in the research methods, and doing some network among institutions focuses the discussions on the four pillars of education - class dynamics, teacher training, student learning, and teaching method.