Prof. Dr. Dadang Sunendar, M.Hum.
Head of  Language Development and Cultivation Agency

Ministry Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia 




Elizabeth Hartnell
University of Melbourne

Elizabeth is an activist, researcher, writer and presenter with experience in schools and higher education. She is currently an honorary fellow in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. Her interest in physical and virtual spaces has led her to research the use of technologies and new learning spaces during periods of rapid development in these fields in England and Australia. A keen learner who has completed several massive open online course, she also supports professional learning for educators. At the Australian Council for Educational Research, she led the registration, development and online provision of postgraduate courses, while she previously managed a large portfolio of projects relating to teaching and learning as Director of Research and Evaluation in the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mawar Safei
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia/UKM

School of Malay Language, Literature and Culture Studies. She is the reviewer of Dewan Siswa short story since 2017. She was awarded the Literature of the Utusan Melayu-Public Bank or Exinder-Literary Competition award-Exxon Mobil, the Malaysian Prime Literary award, and the Darul Takzim Literary award. She is currently intermediate professor. She has been the Chief Editor of Malay Journal (2013-2015) at the Malay Language, Literature and Malay Language Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Her areas of expertise are literature and creative writing.


Hywel Coleman
University of Leeds

Hywel Coleman is currently a honorary senior research fellow in the School of Education at University of Leeds.  He was educated at the Universities of Oxford (first degree in English Language & Literature), Leicester (PGCE teaching qualification in primary education) and Lancaster (postgraduate degree in Applied Linguistics). He taught for 14 years at the University of Leeds and still retain a close link with the institution. He was widely published in many international journals and books.


Prof. Suminto A. Sayuti
Professor in Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program, FBS UNY


Prof. Dr. Suminto A. Sayuti is an Indonesian writer and educator. His name is known through a number of literary works, both published as tbooks and published in various of mass media. Suminto A. Sayuti is one of the professors at Faculty of Languages and Arts  along with the School of Graduate State University of Yogyakarta.


Prof. Drs. Herman Dwi Surjono M.Sc., MT., Ph.D.

Herman Dwi Surjono is a professor at the College of Engineering and the Graduate School of the Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia. He received his Ph.D. in information technology in 2006 from Southern Cross University Australia. He teaches undergraduate and graduate students computer programming, e-learning, interactive multimedia, and digital media. His research area includes adaptive hypermedia, computer based learning, and e-learning. He is a head of Instr Tech at the Grad School of YSU