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One of the rescue efforts through raising awareness can be done through cultural movements, especially by utilizing the power or literature, both in the form of prose and poetry. The advantage and merit of literature is that it has great potentials in awakening the conscience of humankind worldwide without patronizing, and without blown up propaganda.
(Naning Pranoto: Green Literature and Earth’s Existence)

Environmental damage is threatening humanity. We are all concerned because the fact is in plain sight. Pollution is not neutralized by the forests. Poor waste treatment increasingly damages the environment. Even trees have to succumb to iron and steel buildings that only contribute to increasing, suffocating pollution. We might have no voice, we might have no power to fight, but our pen is a weapon. The literary works that we produce can awaken our conscience to rethink and change our attitudes towards nature and the environment. Literature is present in every aspects of human life. Literature is present in the relationship between humans and the environment and its changes.

Literary works are a powerful medium to compel change without being patronizing. Literature is always involved with nature and the environment through creative and aesthetic approach that can also present a critical view of nature and the environment.

Literary and environmental themes get interesting when meeting education, power, policy, feminism, etc., which can offer inspiration and a call to save the Earth in various creative strategies. Inspiring bids will certainly attract a variety of massive movements in an effort to save the environment. New perspectives will be established, environmental issues will evolve, and of course problem-solving steps will be an inevitable possibility.

The involvement of literature through its concern for the Earth in this context is an attractive offer to solve various problems in society. From here, our attention will be led to literary phenomena that offer a variety of unique problem-solving steps. Based on the above background, the Literature Cluster of the Faculty of Languages and Arts, in collaboration with HISKI Commissariat UNY and Central HISKI will hold the 25th International Conference on Literature. The conference is expected to delve more deeply about the role of literature as a medium for saving the environment. Let's participate actively, because anyone who lives on Earth should be concerned and begin a more intimate relationship with the Earth.

The participants of this international conference are HISKI members, literature instructors, literature enthusiasts, and the public, both nationals and foreign nationals, who are interested in the themes/topics offered.