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4th International Conference on Research, Implementation and Education of Mathematics and Science (4th ICRIEMS), 15 - 16 May 2017

Scientific attitudes have been seen as an important aspect in the field of science for more than five decades. Scientific attitudes are not similar to attitude towards science or mathematics. The latter is about interest in science or mathematics, whereas scientific attitudes refer to habits of mind to think and act that lead to scientific activities. Scientific attitudes include critical-mindedness, suspended judgment, respect for evidence, honesty, objectivity, curiosity, creativity, and flexibility. Individuals with good scientific attitudes are more likely to become successful scientists or mathematicians.

Scientific attitudes are not innate or inborn characteristics. Many researchers believe that scientific attitudes need to be developed through experiences. In this case, these experiences include educational activities and also research activities. Considering the important role of education and research in developing scientific attitudes, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science – Yogyakarta State University invites researchers and educators to share ideas in the Fourth International Conference on Research, Implementation, and Education of Mathematics and Science (4th ICRIEMS).

The theme of the 4th ICRIEMS is “research and education for developing scientific attitude in sciences and mathematics.” The scope of this conference covers all topics in the field of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics education, chemistry education, physics education, biology education, and science education.

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