Notification of Publication Acceptance

Dear Author(s)


On behalf of 7th ICRIEMS 2020 Committee, we are pleased to inform you that you can check notification of publication acceptance of your paper by login into your account. In order to fit into the publishing schedule, please confirm your decision regarding your article before January, 11th 2021 provided in your account.


There is several additional information for authors whose papers selected on the Atlantis Press: Advances in Physics Research conference proceedings (indexed by Web of Science):

  1. 1. Kindly follow the guideline for authors and template of Atlantis Press provided below.

Guideline for Authors:

  1. a. For First Page: Top : 4.44 cm/Bottom: 3.17 cm/Left: 2.50 cm/Right: 2.50 cm
  2. b. From Second page onwards: Top : 3.17 cm/Bottom: 3.17 cm/Left: 2.50 cm/Right: 2.50 cm
  3. c. No information in the header and footer, such as page numbering; all papers of the same conference need to follow the same template and reference style; font: Times New Roman; size A4.
  4. d. Corresponding authors: Please mark the corresponding author with an asterisk (*). In case there is no asterisk, per default, we will consider the first author as the corresponding author.

Download Template of Atlantis Press:

  1. a. Microsoft word template
  2. b. PDF template
  3. c. Open document text template
  1. 2. Please check originality of your paper through Turnitin plagiarism service (no more than 30% of similarity).
  2. 3. Make publishing payment as many as IDR 1.500.000,- to BNI account on behalf of

      Account holder      : Snik Setyo Pratiwi
      Account number    : 0951814859

      (please check your e-mail regarding the publishing payment procedure)

  1. 4. Authors need to submit camera ready paper, proof of Turnitin test, and publishing fee payment before January, 26th 2021.


Thank you for your participation in 7th ICRIEMS. We hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the near future.

Link to join ICRIEMS webinar

We would like to inform that links to join ICRIEMS webinar  are available online in this website. Just sign in to your ICRIEMS accounts.


We would like to inform all participants that full paper review results will be available online in this website on Monday, September 7, 2020. 


We would like to inform all participants that notification of full paper acceptances are already available online in this website. Just sign in to your ICRIEMS accounts.  


We would like to inform to the prospective speakers that full paper submission deadline for the 7th ICRIEMS is extended until August 10th, 2020

About the Conference

Globalization has affected all aspects of human life in the fields of economics, education, politics, social culture, and science and technology. Scientific and technological innovations have clearly made an important contribution to improving the quality of human life, including the ease of access to information, health services, education, travel, recreation and so on. However, this progress is also accompanied by negative impacts, including increasing environmental damage and decreasing the morale of the younger generation. This is a challenge and at the same time provides an opportunity for science, technology and education to play a role in anticipating these negative impacts.

As the world has entered the new era of industrial revolution as well as new society, human being is now haunted with novel various problems that need to be solved immediately. Recent development in science and technologies has proven to be an important tool to counter such problems. However, the development of science and technology can only be used to its maximum capacity if human can manage it properly.

Science and technology have been known as a “double-edged sword”. It can be used for the good of humanity and environment but it can also be the cause of world’s destruction. In order to properly navigate this powerful tool, human as the main controller should realize that morality and ethics goes hand in hand with the development of science and technology. Morality and ethics should become the guidance while competition will be the driving force to keep creative and innovative mind challenged.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science – Yogyakarta State University invites researchers, educators, students, and practitioners to share ideas in the Seventh International Conference on Research, Implementation, and Education of Mathematics and Science (7th ICRIEMS). The theme of the 7th ICRIEMS is “Science, Technology, and Education in The Global Era for Virtuous and Competitive Generation” The scope of this conference covers all topics but are not limited to in the field of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics education, chemistry education, physics education, biology education, and science education.