5th International Conference on Research, Implementation and Education of Mathematics and Science, 7th-8th May 2018

A rapid development of science and technology nowadays have been giving a great advantage to our world. A few ways of problem solving in our daily life, undoubtedly, are resulted by many science and technology discoveries, either based on basic knowledge on mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, or upon their advance application and innovations. These improvements, however, may still be challenged to resolve complex issues in society, such as a huge human population growth, health food and water supply, alternative energy, endemic diseases, and environmental sustainability. This challenge could be more hardly for particular society who are not really ready for it. Nevertheless, science and technology development are not only scientists’ responsibility to make this more useful, but, on the other hand, how society could deal with it is also need to be considered for better social development and life.


The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science – Yogyakarta State University invites researchers, educators, students, and practitioners to share ideas in the Fifth
International Conference on Research, Implementation, and Education of Mathematics and Science (5th ICRIEMS). The theme of the 5th ICRIEMS is “revitalizing research and education on mathematics and science for innovations and social development.” The scope of this conference covers all topics  but are not limited to in the field of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics education, chemistry education, physics education, biology education, and science education.