Scopus-indexed AIP Conference Proceeding Acceptance

The result of Scopus-indexed AIP Conference Proceeding review has been published. You can sign in to your ICRIEMS account to see your assigned publication category.

If you are accepted in the Scopus-indexed AIP Conference Proceeding, you are requested to send your camera-ready version in:

a. pdf format and

b. word or latex document.

Furthermore, please fill up the form of

 a. Copyright Transfer Agreement (Please leave a blank space for the Title of Conference and Name    of Editor(s)) and

 b. Permission Letter (if necessary). Please read the attached Permission Guideline.


Thus, please upload the following items:

i) the camera-ready version in pdf format (please rename using your code, example:  C03_camera ready.pdf)

ii) the camera-ready version in word or latex document (please rename using your code, example: C03_camera ready.doc)

iii) the Copyright Transfer Agreement in pdf format (please rename using your code, example: C03_copyright.pdf)

iv) the Permission Letter (if necessary) in pdf format (please rename using your code, example: C03_permission.pdf)

v) the Proof of Scopus-indexed AIP Conference Proceeding Fee Payment ($140 /Rp 1.900.000) that should be paid by May 12, 2017.

Please upload all compulsory documents by May 17th 2017. In order to avoid delay in the publication process, please meet the given date. Note that the document which is received later than the deadline may not be considered to be published in Scopus-indexed AIP Conference Proceeding.