3rd ICRIEMS Proceedings 2016

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Cover ICRIEMS 2016 Cover
Front matter ICRIEMS 2016 Front matter
Table of Content ICRIEMS 2016 Table of Content
U-1 Marsigit Lesson Study Among the Move of Educational Reformation in Indonesia
U-2 Allen Price The Scientific Approach To Higher Education: Examples From Physics Education Research
U-3 Ana R. Otero Current Trends In Active Learning In The Sciences
U-4 Michiel Doorman What Can Mathematics Education Contribute To Preparing Students For Our Future Society?
M-01 Arief Rachman Hakim, Sutikno, Dedy Dwi Prastyo Spatial Extreme Value Modeling Using Max-Stable Processes Approach (Case Study: Rainfall intensity in Ngawi)
M-02 Ayu Tri Septadianti, Vita Ratnasari, Ismaini Zain Bivariate Binary Probit Model Approach for Birth Attendance and Labor Participation in West Papua
M-03 Dian Kusuma Wardani, Purhadi, Wahyu Wibowo Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing on Bivariate Generalized Poisson Regression
M-04 Eunike Irene Kumaseh, Suntoyo, Muh.Zikra Scour Analysis at Seawall in Salurang, Sangihe Islands Regency, North Sulawesi
M-05 Evy Annisa Kartika S, Ismaini Zain, Vita Ratnasari Longitudinal Tobit Regression Modelling Stroke Patients With Trauma/Injury Head Trauma
M-06 Farisca Susiani, Bambang W. Otok, Vita Ratnasari Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling For Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Remuneration In ITS Surabaya
M-07 Hendra Dukalang, B. W. Otok, Ismaini Zain, Herlina Yusuf Cox Proportional Hazard Model with Multivariate Adaptive Regresion Spline
M-08 Ima Purnamasari, I Nyoman Latra, Purhadi Parameter Estimation and Statistical Test in Modeling Geographically Weighted Poisson Inverse Gaussian Regression
M-09 Indria Tsani Hazhiah, Sutikno, Dedy Dwi Prastyo Spatial Extreme Value Using Bayesian Hierarchical Model For Precipitation Return Levels Prediction
M-10 Ingka Rizkyani Akolo, B.W.Otok, Santi W. Purnami, Rama Hiola Propensity Score Stratification Analysis using Logistic Regression for Observational Studies in Diabetes Mellitus Cases
M-11 Jajang, B Pratikno Performance of W-AMOEBA and W-Contiguity matrices in Spatial Lag Model
M-12 Joice Pangulimang, Purhadi,Sutikno Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing Geographically Weighted Bivariate Zero-Inflated Poisson
M-13 Lusi Indah Safitri, Suhartono, and Dedy Dwi Prastyo Univariate and Multivariate Time Series Models to Forecast Train Passengers in Indonesia
M-14 Nur Endah Ardiyanti, Nikenasih Binatari Derivation of One Dimensional Continuity Equation for Fluid Flows in Deformable Pipelines
M-15 Rahma Dwi Khoirunnisa, Wahyu Wibowo, Agus Suharsono Nonlinearity Test on Time Series Data Case Study: The Number of Foreign Tourists
M-16 Rani Mita Sari, Agus Maman Abadi Analyzing Of Bank Performance Level Using RGEC And Mamdani Fuzzy System Implemented With Graphical User Interface
M-17 Setia Ningsih, B. W. Otok, Agus Suharsono, Reni Hiola Analysis Propensity Score with Structural Equation Model Partial Least Square
M-18 Syisliawati, Wahyu Wibowo, I Nyoman Budiantara Regression Spline Truncated Curve in Nonparametric Regression
M-19 Triyanti, Agus Maman Abadi Construction of Fuzzy System of Zero-Order Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Using Singular Value Decomposition Method and Its Application for Diagnosing Cervical Cancer
M-20 Weni Safitri, Agus Maman Abadi Construction of Fuzzy Rules of Zero Order Takagi-Sugeno-Kang Fuzzy System Using Generalized Matrix Inverse Method and Its Application for Diagnosing Breast Cancer
M-21 Dwi Lestari, Lidyana Candrawati Global Stability of SACR Epidemic Model for Hepatitis C on Injecting Drug Users
M-22 Eka Susilowati The Greatest Solution of Inequality A O Kross X Less Than X Less Than B O Dot X By Using A Matrix Residuation Over An Idempotent Semiring
M-23 Hengki Harianto, Mulyono Implementation Coloring Graph and Determination Waiting Time Using Welch-Powell Algorithm in Traffic Light Matraman
M-24 Ibnu Hadi The Normality of Subgroups of n x n Matrices Over Integers Modulo Prime
M-25 Rinurwati Herry Suprajitno, Slamin Adjacency Metric Dimension of Graphs with Pendant Points
M-26 SitiAzizah, Sutikno, Purhadi Parameter Estimation Smith Model of Max-Stable Process Spatial Extreme Value
M-27 Suwardi Annas, Rizwan Arisandi Rainfall Forecasting Using Bayesian Nonparametric Regression
M-28 Tubagus Pamungkas Least Squares Estimator for β in Multiple Regression Estimation
ME-01 Adri Nofrianto, Mira Amelia Amri, Elfa Rafulta Literatur Study: The Relationship of Mathematics Problem Solving and Students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills
ME-02 Agustan S., Dwi Juniati , Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono A Study Of Reflective-Preservice Mathematics Teacher’s Reflective Thinking In Solving Geometrical Problem
ME-03 Agustan S A Study of Late Formal-Junior School Student’s Geometric Thought in Understanding the Relationship Between Quadrilateral
ME-04 Andi Syukriani, Dwi Juniati, Tatag Yuli Eko Siswono Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence in Solving Mathematical Problem: A Case Study of Male-Field Independent (FI) Student
ME-05 Anton Prayitno The Characteristics Of Students' Refractive Thinkingabout Data
ME-06 Anwar Rifa’i, Himmawati Puji Lestari Effectiveness Of TPS And SGD With Scientific Approach In Terms Of Problem-Solving And Self-Confidence
ME-07 Anwar, Ipung Yuwono, Edy Bambang Irawan, Abdur Rahman Asari The Characteristics of Teachers’ Contingent Dominant Scaffolding in Teaching and Learning Mathematics
ME-08 Arini Ulfah Hidayati, Heri Retnawati Effectiveness Problem Based Learning And Scientific Approach To Improve Higher Order Thinking Skills
ME-09 Aris kartikasari, Rita suryani The Excellence of Realistic Mathematic Education based on Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory through Mathematical Connection Ability
ME-10 Arjudin, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Edy Bambang Irawan, Cholis Sa’dijah Characterization of Mathematical Connections in Calculus
ME-11 Azmi Yanianti, Fitriani The Effect of Problem Based Learning to Mathematical Reasoning Abilities of High School Students. Topic: Series and Sequence
ME-12 Bukhori, Heri Retnawati Developing Reasoning Ability and Curiosity of Students toward Mathematics through Problem Based-Learning
ME-13 Deshinta P.A.D. Argaswari, Budi Usodo, Ikrar Pramudya The Development of Module of Learning Quadrilateral Based on Van Hiele Theories
ME-14 Dian Permatasari The Role of Productive Struggle to Enhance Learning Mathematics with Understanding
ME-15 Hj. Epon Nur’aeni, Muhammad Rijal Wahid Muharram Didactical Design Research of Mathematical Communication about Concept of Cuboid Volume in Elementary School
ME-16 Dwi Purnomo, Toto Nusantara, Subanji, Swasono Rahardjo The Characterization Of Mathematics Students’ Metacognition Process In Solving Mathematical Problems
ME-17 Eny Sulistyaningsih Students’ Anxiety Facing Computer Based Test (CBT) System of National Examination
ME-18 Evvy Lusyana, Magdalena Wangge Increasing Higher Order Thinking Skill to Build Student’s Character by Using Mathematical Reasoning
ME-19 Hasan Djidu, Jailani Fostering Student’s Higher-order Thinking Skill Through Problem-based Learning in Calculus
ME-20 Hongki Julie The Student’ Models For The Meaning And Procedure Of Multiply Two Fractions
ME-21 Imaludin Agus, Ayu Arfiana Hypnoteaching Method to Foster Self - Belief of Primary School Students in Learning Math
ME-22 Isnaeni Umi Machromah, Budi Usodo Analyze of The Creative Thinking Level of Students Junior High School Viewed From Mathematics Anxiety
ME-23 Kana Hidayati The Technique and Validation of Composing the Attitude Assessment Instrument for Junior High School Mathematics Learning Based on Curriculum 2013
ME-24 Masduki, Heri Kusuma The Role of Metacognitive in Problem Solving: A Case in Logarithm
ME-25 Mega Eriska Rosaria Purnomo, Agus Maman Abadi Developing Mathematics Instructional Package with POGIL that is Oriented to The Competences in Curriculum 2013
ME-26 Nani Ratnaningsih The Development of Interactive Learning Media to Explore The Students' Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability
ME-27 Naufal Ishartono Guided Discovery: A Method to Minimize The Tendency of Students’ Rote-Learning Behavior in Studying Trigonometry
ME-28 Nina Agustyaningrum The Effect Of CTL Approach With Talking-Chips Setting On Mathematical Communication Of Junior High School’s Students
ME-29 Nining Setyaningsih , Sri Rejeki Developing A Mathematics Instructional Model Based On Child Friendly, Innovative , Creative and Realistics (CFICR) At Junior High School
ME-30 Pika Merliza,Uke Ralmugiz, Arsyil Waritsman Role Of Scaffolding Toward Enhancing Understanding Of Low-Achieving Students (LAS) In Mathematics Learning
ME-31 Retno Kusuma Ningrum, Nurul Husnah Mustikasari Developing Students’ Mathematical Reasoning Through Learning Mathematics with Analogical Reasoning
ME-32 Risnanosanti Undergraduate Student’s High Order Mathematical Thinking Abilities Through Lesson Study Activities
ME-33 Rosidah Analysis of Statistical Reasoning Process of Senior High School Students on the Size of Central Tendency(The Case Study For Student’s Low Math Ability)
ME-34 Syamsuri, Purwanto, Subanji, Santi Irawaty Facilitating Students From Inadequacy Concept in Constructing Proof to Formal Proof
ME-35 Teguh Wibowo Adaptive Reasoning Junior High School Students In Mathematics Problem Solving
ME-36 Tri Rahmah Silviani, Atik Lutfi Ulin Ni’mah Active Learning Optimization to Improve Students Critical and Creative Mathematical Thinking
ME-37 Ummu Sholihah Metacognition Students In Problem Solving
ME-38 Venti Indiani, Dyah Purboningsih Developing Mathematics Learning Material Based On CTL For Senior High School Topic: Series and Sequence
ME-39 Wahyu Setyaningrum Teachers’ Perception Towards ICT in Mathematics Class: A case study in Yogyakarta Secondary Schools
ME-40 Wara Sabon Dominikus, Toto Nusantara Ethnomathematics in Marriage Tradition in Adonara Island-East Flores
ME-41 Warli, Edy Nurfalah Abstraction Measurement of Students in Constructing Proof Algebra Problems
ME-42 Yurizka Melia Sari, Erik Valentino An Analysis of Student’s Error in Solving PISA Problems
ME-43 Aprilia Dwi Handayani Integrating Technology in Inquiry Based Learning
ME-44 Baharullah, Purwanto, Subanji, Edy Bambang Characterization of Spontaneous Examples Based on Teacher and Student Thinking Interaction in Mathematics Learning
ME-45 Budi Murtiyasa, Sri Rejeki, Sarlita Murdaningsih An Analysis of Problems on Eight Grade of Mathematics Textbook Based on PISA’s Framework
ME-46 Dita Puspitawedana, Jailani The Use of Problem Based Learning to Improve Higher Order Thinking Skills in Junior Secondary School
ME-47 Kusaeri, Dwi Prasetyo Pribadi Integrating Maratib Qira’ah Al-Qur’an and Marzano’s Taxonomy to Provides Learning Objectives in Mathematics
ME-48 Dwi Ivayana Sari, I Ketut Budayasa, Dwi Juniati Probabilistic Thinking of Elementary School Students in Solving Contextual and Non Contextual Probability Tasks
ME-49 Dwi Juniati, I Ketut Budayasa Students’ competence Development on Learning Fractal Geometry by Experiments Using ICT Tool
ME-50 Ezi Apino, Heri Retnawati Creative Problem Solving to Improve Students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills in Mathematics Instructions
ME-51 Fauzan Jafri Effect Size Of Pakem Model Implementation In Mathematic Learning On Improving Student’s Problem-Solving Mastery On Function Material At Junior High School
ME-52 Gida Kadarisma Improving Students’ Logical Thinking Mathematic Skill Through Learning Cycle 5E and Discovery Learning
ME-52 Hestu Wilujeng, Yenni Multiple Mathematical Representation Profile of Grade VIII Based on Multiple Intelligences
ME-54 Hetty Patmawati Critical Thinking Skills Development Through Interactive Mathematical Learning Media
ME-55 Isfarudi Development of Measurement Model Construct Student Persistence of the Open Learning University (UT)
ME-56 Iwan Suhardi Mathematical Algorithm on Conventional Computerized Adaptive Testing
ME-57 Joko Suratno The Development of Students Worksheet Using GeoGebra Assisted Problem-Based Learning and Its Effect on Ability of Mathematical Discovery of Junior High Students
ME-58 Lokana Firda Amrina, Novalinda Puspita Ayu, Nurfarahin Fani Building Student’s Honesty Through Contextual Mathematics Learning
ME-59 Ma’rufi Teacher’s Pedagogical Content Knowledge Concerned To Students Knowledge On Quadratic Function
ME-60 Maryono, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Subanji, Santi Irawati Actualization Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) of Novice Teachers in Learning Practice at Systems of Linear Equations of Two Variables (SPLDV)
ME-61 Muhamad Galang Isnawan, Teguh Rizali Zahroni Effectiveness of Cooperative Learning Approach (Snowball Throwing) in Logics Instruction at AMIKOM Mataram
ME-62 Muhammad Baidawi, Akbar Sutawidjaja,Edy Bambang Irawan, I Made Sulandra Prospective Teachers’ Structure Patterns of Awareness and Regulated Thinking During Solving Problems In Algebra
ME-63 Muhammad Ilyas Authentic Assessment On Mathematics Education Research Methodology Course Based Group Discussion
ME-64 Mujiyem Sapti, Purwanto, Sri Mulyati, Edy Bambang Irawan Pre-service Teacher Interpretations of Students' Mathematical Understanding