In Search of Effective Teacher Education and Professional Development: Learning from Research and Best Practices around the Globe”

Tuesday, 17 May 2016









Conference Opening


Garden Room Eastparc Hotel

08.45 - 09.45

Keynote speech

Prof. Drs. Muhammad Nasir, Akt, M.Si, Ph.D.

(Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education)                                                      “Teacher Education Policy in Indonesia”

Garden Room Eastparc Hotel

09.45 – 10.00

Coffee break



10.00 – 12.00

Plenary Session 1


Prof. SuwarsihMadya, Ph.D.

(Former Head of Education and Culture Office of Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

“Teacher Initiative and Continuous Professional Development in Indonesia”

Garden Room Eastparc Hotel

Chair: Jaka Priyana, Ph.D.


Prof. Layne Heidi Johanna

(University of Helsinki, Finland)

“Teacher Education And Teacher’s Professional Development In Finland: Myths And Realities”

 12.00 – 13.00

Lunch break


 13.00 – 15.30

Parallel Session 1

Parallel Presentations

Parallel Rooms


 15.30 – 16.00


Coffee Break



Wednesday, 18 May 2016





07.00 – 07.30



08.00 – 10.00

Plenary Session 2

Prof. Lesley Harbon

(University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

“Teacher Professional Development in Australia and Asia: a Comparative Study”

Garden Room Eastparc Hotel

Chair: Ari Purnawan, M.A.



(University of Minnesota, USA)

“Successes and Challenges in the Development of Excellent Teachers in the United States”

10.00 – 10.15

Coffee break


10.15 – 12.15

Plenary Session 3

Prof. Dr. Ng Shun Wing

(Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong)

“Continuous Professional Development Framework and Programs for Teachers- The Case of Hong Kong”

Garden Room Eastparc Hotel

Chair: Dr. Sudiyatno


Dr. SunaryoKartadinata

(UniversitasPendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia)

“Model of teacher education and in-Service professional development in Indonesia”

12.15 – 13.15

Lunch break


13.15 – 15.45

Parallel Session 3

Parallel Presentations

 Parallel Rooms

15.45 – 16.00

Coffee break




Tuesday, 17 May 2016



































































Group IA

I.1      Coursera for English Students Teachers: A Foundation for Skill and Professional Development /Husni Mubarok

I.2      TheUse Of Digital Video To Assess Students' Speaking Skill /NoniAgustina

I.3      Islamic Education Teachers Curriculum: Comparative Study Between IAIN Surakarta And UPI Bandung /Muhammad Munadi, Noor Alwiyah

I.4      Teachers’ Beliefs And Mathematics Teaching Practices Regarding Successfull Implementation Of Curriculum /Pika Merliza

I.5      Dealing with Differentl Learning Behaviours: The Scope of Nuero Linguistic Programming in the Classroom /Abdul Rasheed P

I.6      The Use Of Think Pair Share And Two Stay- Two Stray Techniques In Improving Students' Speaking Skill /Aprilia Riyana Putri

I.7      Fostering Fresh Graduate Students’ Confidence in Speaking English: An Action Research to Students of Muria Kudus University, Central Java, Indonesia /Farid Noor Romadlon

1.8     Learning Application Of Realistic Mathematics Education Based On Iceberg Phenomenon /Dyah Purboningsih, Venti Indian

I.9      An Assessment Of Historical Thinking Skills Using The Rasch Model /Ofianto

I.10    The Effectiveness of Semantic Mapping to Teach Speaking Skill of Second Graders of SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Kalasan in the Academic Year of 2013/2014

          /Vivi Nurvitasari











1.  Abdul Rasheed P

2.  Ofianto

3. Husni Mubarok















Group IB

I.11    Social Web Environment: Potentials For Integrated Teaching And Learning Activities /Nuur Wachid Abdulmaji

I.12    Context Based Learning (CBL) in Islamic Education The actualization Learning Methods of PAI in Higher Education /Lukis Alam

 I.13    Completion Analytical Theory of Langevin Runs Using Maclaurin Series To Improve Understanding The Concept of Students /Andika Kusuma Wijaya

I.14    An Analysis of The Student's Ability Of Mathematical Critical Thinking With Visual Learning Styles In Learning Cycle 7E /Rosmaiyadi

I.15    The Development of Set Activity Based Assessment (ABA) to Measure Student Science Process Skill at Physics II /Emi Sulistri

I.16    An Analysis of Lecturer Talk And Student Talk In Teaching English For Young Learners (EYL) /Andi Idayani, Sri Yuliani

I.17    The Effectiveness of Using Indonesian Folktales to Improve /Lia Agustina

I.18    An Analysis Of Competency In Professionalisme Among Teachers Senior High Schools In Pekanbaru /Nurmalinda, Marhamah

I.19    Professional Competence Development Achievements in The Field Of Science Primary School Through Problem Based Integrated Science Leraning Model

.........   /Fitria Yanti





1. Andi Idayani

2.  Rosmaiyadi

3.   Nuur Wachid A













Group IIA

II.1      The Effect of The Mind Mapping Methods on Students Understanding of Three-Dimensional Geometric /Satrianawati

II.2       Preschool Teachers’ Formal and Informal Learning: Frequency, Usefulness, and Relationship with Job Satisfaction /Alfredo Bautista

II.3       Identification of Teacher Competence in Managing the Teaching and Learning Process for Children with Special Need in Regular School /Ichsan Anshory

II.4       Singapore Preschool Teachers’ Professional Development Needs and Priorities /

........... Siew Chin Ng

II.5       It Begins with Grammar: Teaching ESP with Communicative Languange Teaching /

             Ummi Rasyidah

II.6       What Students Love from their Teachers? Constructing Teachers who Live /Adi Suryani

II.7       Improving the quality of Office Administration Vocational Teachers through competency-based training in Indonesia /Sutirman

II.8       Teacher strategic approaches: handling class in various conditions /Karjongko

II.9       Murobby as A Teaching Values : Concepts and Implementation / Istianah Abubakar

II.10     Investigating English Teachers' Roles and Practices in SMPN 26 Malang: The Issue of Teachers' Teaching Act /Raisha Nur Anggraini, Ardhi Eka Fadilah











1.   Ummi Rasyidah

2.   Siew Chin Ng

3.   Alfredo Bautista


Wednesday, 18 May 2016









Group IC

I.20      Improving The Students’ Reading Comprehension by Using Authentic Materials at Vocational College /Cholimatus Zuhro

I.21      The Implementation of Collaborative Learning Model to Improve Instructional Quality in Educational Technology Departement /Sisca Rahmadonna

I.22      Strengthening on Teacher Education: Challenges in Creating A Stronger Research Base /Poerwanti Hadi Pratiwi

I.23     Redesign Teacher Education Program to Support Inclusive Education/Pujaningsih

I.24      Learning Indonesian for Foreigner Based on Indonesian Culture /Imam Suyitno

I.25      English language teaching in ASEAN: an account of problems and prospects /

........... Herli Salim, Peter Waterworth, Greg Keaney, Wachyu Sundayana, Sudarsono

I.26      Partial Credit Model (Pcm) For Item Response Theory: Improving Teacher’s Competence in Language Learning Assessment /Beniati Lestyarini

I.27      The Readiness Of Pre-Service Teacher To Be A ProfessionalMathematics Teacher /Saifan Sidiq Abdullah

I.28      Developing Character Education Trough Yogyakarta Clasical Dance at SMKN1 KasihanBantul: An Ethnographic Study /Rumi Wiharsih, Suyata, DjokoSuryo

I.29      Understanding The Personal Dimension of Pre Service Teachers: Self care, Confession and Technology of Self in Classroom Management /Rd. Della N Kartika Sari Amirulloh


  1. Herli Salim
  2. Pujaningsih

Beniati Lestyarini





Group IIB

II.11     Continuous Professional Development for Primary Teacher /Nurkolis

II.12    Teachers and ICT: Towards an effective ICT training for teachers /Iin Karmila Yusri

II.13    Teachers’ Professional Development and Students’ Achievement: Does Teachers’ Learning in their Community of Practice Really Contribute to Their Students’ Academic Development or Just for Teachers’ Own Selves? /Abdul Rahman

II.14     Buzz Group Technique: An Alternative Way to Improve Students' Speaking Skill /

........... Khulaifiyah, Muhammad Ilyas

II.15    Teaching English Using Insertion of Humor /Joko Ariyanto

II.16    Encouraging The Innovation-Based Improvement Of Teaching’s /Jemie Muliadi

II.17    Managing Indonesian teachers professional development to support a curriculum implementation /Hazairin Eko Prasetyo

II.18   What Teachers Learn from Internship Program in Adelaide South Australia? A Case Study of High School Teacher in West Java /Nurul Hidayah

II.19     Enhancing Knowledge and Skills Teacher Muhammadiyah 4 Primary School of Batu in Managing ABK Learning by Lesson Study /Siti Fatimah Soenaryo

II.20  Development Training Model for Primary School Teacher to Implementation of Curriculum 2013 /Endang Poerwanti








1.   Jemie Muliadi

2.   Abdul Rahman

3.   Joko Ariyanto


Group IIC

II.21     Guided Training Model and Teacher Competency in Developing Evaluation Strategis: ECE Curiculum of 2013 Frame work /Tuti Istianti, Margaretha Sri Yuliariatiningsih, Novi Yanthi

II.22     Reflection Of Professional Education Of Productive Vocational High School Teachers /

........... Sunaryo Soenarto

II.23     Correlational Study Among Principal’s Leadership and Communication Capability With Teachers’ Performance at SMAN I Gorontalo City /Abdul Rahmat, Syaeful Kadir, Mira Mirnawati

II.24     Elemtary School Teachers  Competences  of  The 21st Century And Beyond in The  Fast Developing World /Prof. Dr. H Marzuki, MA

II.25     Utilization Of E-Learning In The Class of Economics Teaching and Learning Strategy For Students Of The Economics Education Study Program In 2015 /Kiromim Baroroh, Barkah Lestari, Suwarno

II.26    The Feasibility And Effectiveness Of Continuing Professional Development of Vocational High School Teachers Using E-Learning Portal-Based Interactive Multimedia/

........... Soeharto, Sukir, Ariadie Chandra Nugraha

II.27  Case Study On Teachers' Perceptions And Preparedness Regarding Professional Development And Student Aptitude Assessment In A Private School In Central Jakarta/

........... Rebekah Nivala

II.28     The Development Of The Curriculum Of Art And Culture Education In The Study Program Of Elementary School Teacher Education /ZulfiHendri

II.29     Strengthening Collaborative Classroom Action Research As a mean of Continuous Teacher Professional Development /Endah Retnowati

II.30     Transformation of Technical and Vocational Education: Readiness of Vocational Teachers in Implementing Cosmetology Related Courses in Vocational Colleges in Malaysia /Anis Zakaria, Nur Amirah Azmi



1.   Marzuki

2.   Endah Retnowati

3.   Anis Zakaria




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