Keynote Speakers

Prof. Dr. M. Nasir

(Minister of Research, Technology,

and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia)*

Invited Speakers


Prof. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.D.

(Former Head of Education and Culture Office of Yogyakarta Special Territory)


Prof. Dr. Sunaryo Kartadinata

(UPI, Bandung - Indonesia)

"Model of Teacher Education And In-Service Professional Development In Indonesia"


Heidi J. Layne, Ph.D.

(University of Helsinki, Finland)

"Teacher Education and Teacher’s Professional Development in Finland: Myths and Realities"


Prof. Lesley Harbon

(University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

"Teacher Professional Development in Australia and Asia: A Comparative Study"


Jenise Rowekamp

(University of Minnesota, USA)

"Successes and Challenges in the Development of Excellent Teachers in the United States"


Prof. Dr. Ng Shun Wing

(Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong)

"Continuous Professional Development Program fo teachers : Hong Kong case"


*in confirmation