Themes and Sub-themes

Main theme: 

"In Search of Effective Teacher Education and Professional Development: Learning from Research and Best Practices around the Globe"



Teacher Education – Pre-Service Training

Teacher Professional Development – In-Service Training

  1. Teachers of the 21­st century and beyond in the fast developing world (teacher competences)
  2. Teacher Education Policy
  3. Teacher education standards
  4. Teacher education models (student recruitment, contents, teaching-learning principles, practicum, assessment)
  5. Teacher educators



  1. Teacher professional development policy
  2. Teacher certification
  3. Teacher recruitment and induction for beginning teachers
  4. Managing professional development
  5. Coping with the fast development of the demand of the world, instructional technology, and teaching-learning principles
  6. Self-initiated professional development
  7. Government/institution-initiated professional development
  8. Professional development for mixed-level teachers
  9. Continuous professional development
  10. Forums for professional teacher development