Due to limited presentation time slots, only the selected papers will be orally presented, other accepted papers will be presented in a poster exhibition. The names of the invited speakers will be finalized soon and will be informed by email or web system (user account). We will send an invitation to present your research results at the poster exhibition or parallel class discussion sessions. We hope that you will find out an interesting conference program and a fascinating exposition.

The manuscript presented through oral or poster.
1. The presentation should be in English.
2. The oral presentation is done in the form of "Power Point Presentation" for 5-7 minutes.
3. The poster presentation is printed with the X-Banner size 160x60 cm2.
4. The allocated time for presenter max. 10 minutes for a presentation and answering questions.



The poster presentation is printed with the X-Banner size 160 x 60 cm2 on MMT media (for example see below). The poster  must be written in English. The length of manuscript is about 800-1000 words. The poster follows the following divisions: a title, names of authors and institutions, abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, conclusions (the last paragraph of the discussion), and references (max. 5). 

Note: Kindly use your own template to create "power point presentation" or poster presentation.