Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana X

(King of Kraton Kasultanan Yogyakarta)

Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X (also spelled as Hamengkubuwana X, often abbreviated as HB X) (born BRM Herjuno Darpito, 2 April 1946 in Yogyakarta) is the Sultan of the historic Yogyakarta Sultanate in Indonesia, and is currently also the Governor of the modern Yogyakarta Special Region (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta). Hamengkubuwono X succeeded his father, Hamengkubuwono IX as the Sultan of Yogyakarta when Hamengkubuwono IX died on 3 October 1988. Hamengkubuwono X was formally installed as Sultan on 7 March 1989. However, the position of the Governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region did not go to Hamengkubuwono X. Vice Governor Sri Paku Alam VIII, prince of the subordinate enclave of Paku Alaman within Yogyakarta was instead controversially elevated to the position of governor. This was in contrary to the agreement made at the independence of Indonesia in recognition of Hamengkubuwono IX's support and role in the Indonesian War of Independence. Under the agreement, the Yogyakarta Sultan holds the position of governor in the Yogyakarta Special Region, and the Paku Alam holds the position of vice governor. After the fall of the Suharto regime in May 1998, and following the death of Sri Paku Alam VIII on 11 September 1998, the central government required an election be held for the post of Yogyakarta Governor. Hamengkubuwono X was democratically elected as the Governor on 3 October 1998. On 30 August 2012, following a decade of talks between Yogyakarta and the central government, the national legislature of Indonesia formally enshrined in law the convention that the Sultan inherits the position of governor



Prof. Dr. Suminto A Sayuti

Prof. Dr. Djohan, M.Si.

Prof. Dr. Shin Nakagawa

Jennifer Lindsay , Ph.D

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