International Conference of Chemistry 2018

Presentation Invitation Letter


In the globalization era, all aspects of lives develop very fast to which researches have crucial contribution. The researches contribute significantly on producing skilled workers who are expected to be able to solve current issues in daily lives. Chemistry and Chemistry Education have central position on the development of Science and Technology in the globalization era. Fast development of research results on Chemistry and Chemistry education certainly worthy and become important when they are shared to others and implemented.
This International Conference of Chemistry 2018 (ICCHEM 2018) is conducted as the media of communication for scholars and professionals on Chemistry and Chemistry education from over the world to discuss their investigation findings, to create harmonization of education on Chemistry, to build and to strengthen network, and to increase branding of Chemical institutions.

a. To share current findings of research and development on Chemistry.
b. To share Chemistry learning best practices among world scholars and professionals.
c. To identify current issues on Chemistry and Chemistry education and to find best practices of solutions for the issues.
d. To create harmonization of Chemistry and Chemistry education among the world’s relevant institutions
e. To build network among world scholars and professionals.
f. To increase branding of institutions focusing on Chemistry and Chemistry education.

ICCHEM 2018 provides opportunities to the participant to publish their accepted and registered articles in the following publication outlets as follows.

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Categories 2 : OIP Conference Proceedings

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Categories 3 : International Journals

International Journal of Education and Learning


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