The first step of paper review (internal) has been announced which has been delivered to each participants email address.

Furthermore, submitted papers will be reviewed by external reviewers and will be categorized in 4 publication models:

1. Proposed to Proceedings by International Publisher (to Atlantis Press)

2. Proposed to SCOPUS indexed journals (Cakrawala Pendidikan, GEMA online, 3L, IJAL)

3. Will be proposed to DOAJ indexed journal (acredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Educations of the Republic of Indonesia)

The finals result of paper review will be announced on September 16th 2018.


Wednesday-Thursday, October 10-11,  2018

The widespread of multimedia give the significant impact into the style of communication. From the past to present, these changing can be seen from various and abundant resources of tools to interact each other. It brings out into the view of hypertext with various media. And for the future technology, the disruption era with its overflow of information, human being will be surrounded by multimedia as their ‘part of the body’. How those phenomena affect language and literature in the context of education?

Recently, audio, visual and audiovisual media have been modified in many fields including education. Language and literature which are known as the way to represent self (from the speaker and author) and to know others (from the listener and reader) are interested to be discussed, moreover in the future technology. It is not only about border-crossing the country but also the planet. Language and literature teacher, lecture, academician, researcher, practitioner, student should be gathered and work together in bringing the significant contribution to undertake their role in this multimedia era.

The Department of Indonesian Language and Literature (consist of undergraduate Indonesian Literature Program, Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program and Graduate School of Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program in corporation with FRPROSI and IKAPROBSI) cordially invite you to join the international conference entitled: “Language, Literature, and Education in Multimedia Era”


The goals are as a follow:

  1. To explore the contemporary linguistic in multimedia era.
  2. To explore the contemporary literature in multimedia era.
  3. To explore the contemporary language and literature teaching and learning in multimedia era.
  4. To identify the language in the power of media.
  5.  To identify the literature in the power of media.
  6. To identify the language and literature teaching and learning in the power of media.
  7. To develop the new models of language and literature analysis in multimedia era.
  8. To develop the new models of interdisciplinary language, literature and the teaching and learning in multimedia era.