Every nation has local wisdom which is the hallmark of the different marks (icons) of a nation from the others. As a marker, different local wisdom can be reflected in the forms of mindset, pattern of action, and patterns of local wisdom products. Mindset is a way of life of a nation in coping with various phenomena of life. The patterns of action is the realization of mindset in the forms of human behaviors. The last are the material works that represent the previous two (mindset and patterns of action).

For local wisdom to be recognized worldwide, it needs to be explored, studied, and published globally (local to global). The globalization/spread of local wisdom to the other world is expected to provide an interaction space among its owners. In addition, the interaction of local wisdom is expected to contribute to the implementation of basic human values ​​in the interaction with God, human, and nature.

One of the fundamental needs in human life is peace. The ideals of peace have been well formulated in the fourth paragraph of the Preamble of the 1945 Constitution which become the aspiration of the nation, namely participation in maintaining world peace. World peace is also the spirit of Nyayogyakarta Hadiningrat Kingdom and its people (manunggaling kawula Gusti/Pantheism and monism) with the motto of hamemayu hayuning bawana (keep the world peace).

It is believed with the assumption that local wisdom is a local cultural product of a certain society, but among the values ​​of local wisdom there are also broadly-shared values. Both the local and broad values will be discussed, reviewed, presented at an international conference entitled "Local Wisdom for World Peace 2018".

The 1st incolwis is the eight international conference held by IKADBUDI (ikatan dosen budaya se-Indonesia/Indonesian culture lecturer asosiation). 

  • The 1st IKADBUDI, 2010 in Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta
  • The 2nd IKADBUDI, 2012 in IKIP PGRI, Bali
  • The 3rd IKADBUDI, 2013 in Universitas Bangun Veteran, Sukoharjo
  • The 4th IKADBUDI, 2014 in Universitas Jember, Jember
  • The 5th IKADBUDI, 2015 in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung
  • The 6th IKADBUDI, 2016 in Universitas Lampung, Lampung
  • The 7th IKADBUDI, 2017 in Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar

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