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Call for Paper
The 3rd International Seminar on Science Education
Graduate School
Yogyakarta State University

October, 28th 2017

Yogyakarta State University
Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"Enhancing Interdisciplinary Practice of Science Education in The Realization of NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards)"


Education is important for every human. As the time goes by, developments in education is continuing to be done. This development is described as a change for the better. The development of education is also followed by the development of science and technology in education. In Science Education, to make meaningful learning, it can be done by applying the interdisciplinary practice, where students will understand the concept through direct experience and connect it with other concepts they already learned. Humans must be creative, able to create new solutions to old problems, discover new things, and create new ways to communicate new ideas. All of that is part of the ideals of self-actualized person as a form of the realization of the Next Generation of Science Standards or known as the NGSS. Therefore, we would to invite you to attend the 3rd International Seminar on Science Education (ISSE) in Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia. This seminar aims to serve as a forum where educators, teachers, and researchers can exhange ideas to initiate further development in education.
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