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Each country has a dfferent education system. The educational system contains educational goals to be achieved. Education is important for every human. As time goes
by, the field of education continues to make some development This development is described asa change for the better. The development of education is also followed by the development of science and technology ineducation. The development of science and technology will rapidly require teachers to change their strategies and ways of learning. It is useful in order to make learning able to facilitate the students to find, process and develop the information they get.
In Science Education, creating a meaningful learning can be done by applying the interdisciplinary practice. Interdisciplinary Practice in science education is often referred to integrated science learning where students will understand the concept through direct experience and connect it with the other concepts where the students already learned. Integrated science learning is a science-learning concept with a more "natural" situation and real-world student situations. Meaningful learning can encourage the students to make the relationship between branches of science and inter-knowledge with its application in their daily life.
Another thing that cannot be separated in science learning is about the role of ICT. ICT applications can support jobs in science education, providing virtual laboratory using the same principles as real laboratories. In fact, the existence of digital animation can strengthen the relationship between practice and theory as well as the interdisciplinary relationship of science.
Human beings must be creative, able to create new solutions to old problems, discover new things, and create new ways to communicate new ideas. Those are parts of the ideals of self-actualized person as a form of the realization of the Next Generation of Science Standards or known as the NGSS.
Based on the description above, the realization of the interdisciplinary practices in science education will be able to create NGSS, so that it can make a generation who is capable of balancing the development of all his personal aspects like cognitive, aesthetic, and moral.Therefore, we would to invite you to attend The 3rd International Seminar on Science Education (ISSE) in Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia. This seminar aims to serve as a forum where educators, teachers, and researchers can exchange ideas to initate further development in education.
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