Call For Papers

The abstracts must not be more than 300 words including the keywords, and written in English using MS Word, Times New Roman, font 12. The abstracts should have a paper title, the name of author/writer, institution name and address, email, fax and telephone numbers. Abstracts submitted should also be accompanied by a brief biography (max 100 words). Applicants will be notified for the acceptance of their abstracts.

Full papers should be written in English using MS Word, Times New Roman, 12 font, single spaced, and referring to the following format:

  • Title

  • Name of Author/Writer

  • Affiliation and email address


The Length of each paper for presentation should not exceed 4,000 words (approx. 8 pages-single spaced including endnotes and references) and references refer to the APA style. All works should be original and have not been previously presented at other coferences or published in any other proceedings, books or journals. The accepted full papers will be published in the coference proceeding. The proceeding will be submitted to Atlantis Press Proceedings. 



Theme :

"Identity Through Language, Literature, and Arts Education"

Subthemes 1

Language Education

Topic :

  • Language and Identity
  • Pedagogical discourse and identity
  • Local Wisdom and language education
  • Character education and language education
  • Intercultural language education and global identity
  • Language teacher competencies and identity development
  • Language learning material and identity
  • Language instructional design and identity
  • Language classroom culture andidentity development
  • Language instructional leadership and identity
  • ICT and identity development
  • Translation and identity
  • Assesment and evaluation and identity development
  • Standard-based language education and identity
  • Local, national, and international language teaching and identity

Subthemes 2

Literature Education

Topic :

  • Literature, literacy education and cultural identity
  • Literature, literacy education and national identity
  • Identity crisis, literature, and literary education
  • Identity in children's literature
  • Identity in traditional and local literature
  • Traditional and local literature and identity formation
  • identity and literacy education
  • Multicultural/intercultural literature and identity

Subthemes 3

Arts Education

Topic : 

  • Arts, arts education, adn identity
  • arts, local wisdom, and character education
  • Intercultural arts education and identity
  • Arts education approaches and identity development
  • Arts teacher education and identity
  • Arts teacher competencies and identity
  • Assesment and evaluation in arts education and identity
  • Arts education policies and identitiy