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The 3rd ICoSED provides opportunities to the participants to publish their articles in AIP Conference Proceedings indexed by Scopus, PPII collaborative journals indexed by Sinta, and Proceedings of regular with ISBN. All articles submitted will be peer reviewed by ICoSED committees and each accepted article will be assigned one of the publication categories as follows.

1. AIP Conference Proceedings 

AIP Conference Proceedings | Publons 

  • AIP Conference Proceedings has been indexed by Scopus 
  • Article writing guidelines with AIP Publishing standard can be found here.
  • Article templates with AIP Publishing standards can be downloaded here.


2. National Accredited Journals

SINTA - Science and Technology Index

  • JIPI FMIPA UNY Sinta 2 
  • JSER UNY Sinta 3 
  • Jurnal IPA dan Pembelajaran IPA Unsyiah Sinta 3 
  • JPPIPA Unram Sinta 2 
  • Jurnal Pendidikan Sains Unumus Sinta 3  
  • Thabiea: Journal of Natural Science Teaching Sinta 2
  • JPPI Untirta Sinta 2


3. Regular Proceeding of 3rd ICoSEd 2021

Regular 3rd ICoSEd 2021 Proceeding with ISBN.