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Welcome to the Conference

International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation
(ICERI 2015)
May 6 -7, 2015
Yogyakarta State University
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Ethics in High-Quality Research

Currently issues on ethics are regaining their popularity  in various practices of research, such as  inaccurate data analyses, data manipulations, and plagiarsm. In response to this, in 2015 to support the roles of the Institute of Research and Community Services of Yogyakarta State University in encouraging researchers to conduct high-quality researches, an International Conference on Educational Research and Innovation (ICERI) is held under the umbrella theme of Ethics in High-Quality Research. It provides teachers/lecturers, education practitioners, college students, and policy makers the opportunity to share their knowledge, experiences, and research findings which are innovative and relevant to develop the educational practices focusing on the process and product.
The conference is aimed at discussing the papers on the research findings related to research ethics, and researches on character education, teaching innovations, as well as educational policies.  It is expected that  this conference yields recommendations on the importance of ethics in the research to produce high-quality research for the benefits of the human’s welfare.
This conference is relevant for lecturers/teachers, educational researchers, university students, academic institutions, professional educational associations, and other nongovernment organizations whose concern is related to education.