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The 5th International Seminar on Science Education

ISSE 2019 Post Conference Publication Timeline


Open registration  | May 15th, 2019

Registration deadline | September 26th, 2019 October 3rd, 2019

Full paper submission deadline | September 26th, 2019  October 3rd, 2019

Review round 1 | September 27th - October 15th, 2019

Conference payment deadline | October 16th, 2019

First revised full paper submission deadline | October 22th, 2019

Review round 2 | October 23th - November 9th, 2019

Conference | October 26th, 2019

Second revised and plagiarism check submission deadline | November 20th, 2019

Notification of publication acceptence | November 18th, 2019

Publication payment deadline | November 23th, 2019

Camera ready | November 23th, 2019

Submit to IOP | November 26th, 2019


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The fourth Industrial Revolution (I.R 4.0) has transformed the educational technology landscape. New technologies are emerging the potential for having an education transformative impact. The IR.4.0 education is focusing on educational innovation and agility has made future learning more personalized, hyper, interactive, mobile, global and virtual. The International Seminar on Science Education (ISSE) is the major opportunity each year to discuss the interaction among education sciences in new and emerging areas in the fourth Industrial Revolution within Chemistry, Physics, Biology and all sciences areas. It provide a platform for international education practitioners, teaching staff, researchers, and other stakeholders learning the major science education trends. Therefore, it keeps abreast of the current development and innovation in science education  area as well as providing an engaging platform for participants to share knowledge and expertise in related disciplines.

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