List of Speaker Participant

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1 Almubarak The Representational Triplet in Chemistry Dictionary as a Learning Media: Reassure Students of Understanding at Particulate Level Chemistry Education
2 Risky Amalia The Use of Socio-critical and Problem-oriented Approach Integrated With Green Chemistry to Develop Participant’s 21st Century Skills in Hydrocarbon and Petroleum learning Chemistry Education
3 Ratna Yunita Sari Effectivity of Guided Discovery Learning with Concept Mapping to Improve Conceptual Understading in Endocrine System Material for Grade XI Science Class Biology Education
4 WARA ISWANDARI RR Senior High School Biology Teachers Perception of Implementation of 2013 Revised Curriculum Based on School Area Zone in Gunungkidul Regency Biology Education
5 Vera Astuti Capitalist Ideologi as a Worldview of Education Facing Industrial Revolution 4.0 Natural Science Education
6 PUTRI EDRYNA LARASATI Validity and Reliability Estimation of Assessment Ability Instrument for Data Literacy on High School Physics Material Physics Education
7 Muhammad Qorib, Arwin Juli Rakhmadi, Zailani, Radiman Introduction Of The Universe At Observatorium Ilmu Falak Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (OIF UMSU) Natural Science Education
8 Setyo Prabowo Improving Virus Lesson Mastery by Using Web Based Learning Media Biology Education
9 Rima Agustia Utami Need Assessment of TPACK Based Teaching Materials in Chemical Education Chemistry Education
10 Siti Maisyaroh Development of Sound Wave Experimentation Tools Influenced by Wind Velocity Physics Education