Welcome to International Symposium

This symposium is jointly organized by the Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia and Curtin University, Australia. The goal of this symposium is to facilitate a discussion of issues relating to the transition from school to work, its effects on lifetime income and the associated policy challenges both in Indonesia and elsewhere in the developing and developed world. 
The symposium will showcase relatively new work on variations in school to work transitions and how these affect the lifetime prospects of men and women, individuals from different social classes and across urban and rural areas. New work on skill mismatch, labor market outcomes and policy will also feature in the symposium. 
The challenges, prospects and policy issues arising from the expansion of the education sector in Indonesia will be discussed by our panel of esteemed guest speakers.
The symposium will provide opportunities for researchers to disseminate and discuss their latest research, receive constructive feedback and establish a network for future collaborative research.
Government bodies, academic institutions, professional association, industries, and other individuals and organizations concerns related to labor market.